Why China Won’t Stop Island Building in the South China Sea

China / July 7, 2016

As the U.S. navy and rival Asian claimants respond to China’s building of military-grade infrastructure on disputed islands, heightened risks of conflict raise alarm bells over destabilization in a vital arena of global trade. The world awaits the deliberation of the Hague on the matter, but its decision will have little impact on China’s actions, which are anchored by Beijing’s grand ambitions to secure an unrivaled commercial empire throughout Eurasia and Africa.

The tropical warm waters of the South China Sea betray an idyllic calm, but the region has become the center of a great international flashpoint. Developing what were once half submerged reefs into sizable islands, China has frenetically reclaimed and built 3200 acres of new territory on the islands within its control. In addition, it has built sizable military and civilian infrastructure that have decisively tipped the fragile balance of power in the hotly contested region.

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on July 7, 2016

Very interesting article. Have there been any prominent efforts by regional mediators to alleviate the tensions?

It seems as though getting all of the major players together with an amiable resolution is the only viable long term solution, since a full on conflict between China and the US over the sea seems as though it could be potentially fraught with negative and long-lasting repercussions.

on July 7, 2016

It seems quite incomprehensible why China is taking this stand knowing very well that the US is obligated to defend its allies the Philippines.

Is the China government playing to the gallery at home or practicing brinkmanship?

It is time some truly concerned parties surface to get the disputing parties to realize there is no “total winner” in this conflict. Both sides will be severely injured in the event of an escalation of tensions. Is that what the parties want?

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