The future of Mediation

Asia / April 20, 2015

In a piece delivered on Rediscovering Mediation for the 21st Century, acclaimed Mediator Michael Leathers of the International Mediation Institute posed a fascination question–where in the world will mediation be in 10 years?


Over the course of his exploration, he examined both the historical elements of mediation in Asia, as well as exploring how the changing needs and focuses of a globalized world will necessitate a greater focus on mediation.


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on April 22, 2015

The people involved in the dispute in the Bourganville copper mine in PNG should wake up to this most inspiring success story. The courts in New York would not be able to find a satisfactory solution. The legal counsels for both the disputing parties would be doing a truly great service not only to their respective clients but to the legal profession as well if they can truly put their client’s interest before theirs.!

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