Mediation can keep the peace between disputing neighbours

Top News / January 7, 2019

A GOOD neighbourhood is something everyone looks forward to in bringing up a family. It’s one that is safe and free from enmity and vengeance. Neighbourhood conflict is common but this does not mean that it must end up in court. Such disputes can be resolved through community mediation. This is where the penghulu or ketua kampung (village headman or elder) can solve problems in his village. Community mediation may focus on problems faced by the community, such as nuisance in the neighbourhood, trespass, family feuds, landlord and tenant issues, neighbourhood squabbles involving children, pets and animals, use and maintenance of driveways, cars, bright lights, party walls and trash disposal. Intercultural disputes could also be resolved through community mediation where the disputants can come to appreciate the differences and sensitivities of another person’s culture.

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