The Asia Pacific Mediation Centre is an organization dedicated to resolving socio-economic and commercial disputes through non confrontational, non adversarial justice throughout Asia.  Particularly, the APMC is focused on encouraging a greater focus on mediation as a method for dispute resolution, as an alternative to litigation and arbitration.  The organization specializes in reaching out to conflicting entities as an unbiased intermediary to build the trust and amicable dialogue necessary to broker long term resolutions acceptable to both parties.  As a pro-bono organization, it is uniquely positioned to seek out and encourage opportunities for nonconfrontational resolution, rather than having to wait to be a tool of last resort.  This can mean conflicts are resolved in a more timely manner, with competing parties communicating in a constructive manner more quickly than they may have otherwise and saving both parties from the entrenched distrust or animosity that can come with prolonged periods of traditional, confrontational forms of dispute resolution.

Our online publication serves to highlight the positive role mediation plays in conflict resolution throughout the region.  We actively promote other publications, organizations, news and initiatives producing new and worthwhile content on mediation.




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