Exploring Afghan women’s views and experiences in mediation

Afghanistan / November 23, 2015

The ongoing effort to better the lives of Afghan women through mediation goes on with the United Nations Assistance Missions in Afghanistan (UNAMA) continuing to support education efforts on the topic.  The latest effort by UNAMA  included a series of workshops given for around 50 Afghan women in Nangarhar and Laghmar provinces in October.  The workshops provided participants with a forum to discuss and provide their inputs on their understanding of the concept of mediation and its advantages and disadvantages.

The workshops take place in the context of a UN report released this April, “Justice Through the Eyes of Afghan Women”, which can be found in its entirety here:

The report stressed that Afghan women’s who are victims of violence prefer to seek justice through mediation due to perceived deficiencies in the criminal justice system as well as cultural and family pressure.

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