Diasporas as Peacemakers: Third Party Mediation in Homeland Conflicts

Asia / Business / April 4, 2015

In a paper by Bahar Baser and Ashok Swain, published by the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden, the extent to which ethnic diasporas are uniquely positioned as mediators are explored with fascinating depth and timely poignancy.


Given the history of many diasporas to contribute to, rather than reduce, conflict, the shifting role played by many migrant communities draws an exciting and positive contrast.  The paper explores the means and methods employed by groups such as the Irish, the Tamils and others to raise funds for conflicts through disaspora communities, and looks into how these same groups and others are now using the same connctions to build bridges and develop intermediators to resolve disputes in a more positive and co-operative fashion.


The long term consequencs for this growing trend will greatly affect and expand on opportunities for mediators in the future, especially as the world continues to become more interconnected and disasporas grow ever larger with each growing year.  The ideas and examinations thus prove a crucial read for anyone with an interest in the mediation of international socio-economic and commercial disputes, and the role these ever expanding groups can play in addressing them in a positive and nonconfrontational fashion.

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