APMC Announces the First Annual APMC Mediation Challenge

Asia / PNG / June 30, 2015


The APMC First Annual Mediation Challenge:

Resolving the Bougainville Conflict

an organization dedicated to the use of non-

confrontation conflict resolution to settle economic, commercial, and cultural disputes, will be

hosting its first annual Mediation Challenge, with the objective of drafting a proposal to resolve

the longstanding Bougainville dispute. The event will reach out to academics and professionals

across Asia to submit unique approaches to bridging the divide between the conflicting parties

and finding an amiable solution to the crisis. Papers will be reviewed by Asia’s most eminent

mediators, with the chosen applicant invited to further refine his or her paper with guidance

and input from some of the continents top mediators, before having their submission brought

forth by the APMC to the stakeholders in the dispute.

This will be the first time such an effort has been made to bring together Asia’s finest mediation

experts and most talented conflict resolution specialists in a concerted effort to finally

overcome the crisis.


The Bougainville dispute in Papua New Guinea—centering on the Bougainville Copper Mines

and the farmers and landowners of Bougainville, has put the lives of local farmers and

landowners in jeopardy. The court system has failed to create a long term solution amiable to

both sides, and conflict and tensions have remained high for nearly 30 years.


APMC Mediation Challenge – Details

Application is open to all. Participants are invited to write a paper presenting a viable roadmap

to overcoming the current, longstanding dispute betweenBougainville Copper Mines and the

farmers and landowners of Bougainville.

The paper will highlight your deep understanding of all parties in the dispute; their interests,

histories, needs, and goals. It will showcase your ability as a competent and resourceful



Papers will be judged by a panel of Asia’s most pre-eminent mediators.

Ten finalists will be featured by the APMC and featured throughout international publications.

The winning paper will be used as a foundation for APMC eminent mediators to engage

Bougainville Copper Mines and the farmers and landowners of Bougainville.

The Winner shall receive the title of “APMC Mediation Ambassador,” and will further be

flown to travel with APMC representatives for the opportunity of a lifetime–to personally

deliver the proposal and assist in talks with the stakeholders in Bougainville, collaborating

with leading mediation experts from across the continent to resolve one of the most

prominent, longstanding conflicts in the region.


Next steps:


For an introduction to the details of the conflict, please go to:

All writers must email the APMC with a letter of interest in participating in the contest,

including the participant’s institution and contact information by no later than August 30, sent to

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